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Boost your Business During Lockdown

Discounted Design & Print: Hit the ground running when the dust settles.

These are unprecedented, uncertain and scary times. I hope everyone who is reading this are battling through and are staying positive. Positivity is hugely important right now.

As a business owner, side-hustler or freelancer, you will need to keep on top of things during the chaos, and with some people having more free time now due to a drop in workload, you can focus on strategies that can boost your business while in isolation and prepare yourself for the starting gun when things get back to normal.

Here are some Business Boosting Ideas I can help you implement.


Online graphics/animation/video* for your social media channels and websites. Now is an important time to still remain active in your customer’s eyes so you could run ads, posts and even videos to get any important messages about your services out and reassure people you will be firing on all cylinders when everything is back to normal. I can help with all aspects of the creative process including graphic design, illustration and video. I can even help with writing short-form content and copywriting if you need the extra help.

Animation & Video

We all know that video outperforms image and text posts and ads on social media, so now is a good time to delve into this to see if it works for you. I can create short or long animations and videos in order to deliver a richer, more comprehensive message to your customers.

Presentation Slides

If you still need to get your message across to key customers, you could consider a powerpoint (or similar) presentation you can easily share via email or video conferencing software. I can help with setup of graphics and documents to suit your requirements.

Flyers & Direct Marketing Mailouts

Flyers will always be a great way to market your business but at this time it might be hard to distribute them yourselves. Direct Marketing Mail-outs will get your message through people’s front doors, and you know they’ll be in the house with not much to do. My print and mailing suppliers are still operating at the moment so get in touch for a quote.


Outdoor signage such as vinyl banners, display boards, fence banners and more to get your important messages about the current state of play for your business, deliveries and more. If your premises is situated in a good spot for footfall - you could still catch a few people’s attention whilst they’re out on their daily jog.

Window Stickers & Posters

Again a great way to get important information across from your window of choice!

Vehicle Signage

If your business can still deliver products or have just started to due to the current situation, it would be a great idea to get window stickers in your cars or vans with your logo and contact details and a line about what you provide. I can also help with full vehicle livery.

Digital or Printed Brochures

With a lot of businesses having a considerable drop in work you may find yourself with more time to work on other things. Producing a business brochure for your customers could be a very worthwhile asset to consider and can be distributed through the post or in person when the lockdown is lifted.


With the extra time, now might be a good opportunity to implement a re-brand, brand refresh or even work on that side business you’ve been thinking about. I can help with all aspects of logo design, branding, stationery and more.

I'm offering a 20% reduction on all initial orders and 10% off for all subsequent orders during the pandemic to help lighten the load. I can also offer longer run times on printed items to cut costs and happily offer flexible payment terms if needed.

Get in touch for more information...

Stay safe and stay positive.

Thanks for reading!